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on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1 & 10 32/64-bit

MX Light is a portable application, meaning that it doesn't require any installation.

To run MX Light on a machine, simply extract the MX Light folder onto the machine in a local directory of your choosing. eg. C:\MXLight\.  nb. If you want to run MX Light in the 'Program Files' directory you will need to grant it admin rights, so that it can write files.

MX Light can now be run by double-clicking on MXLight.exe

On 1st run, windows firewall may ask you whether to 'Unblock' or 'Block' the application.  Click 'Unblock' to allow MX Light to stream data on the internal network.

Once you have copied it onto the machine, if you want a shortcut created to MX Light on the desktop, simply right-click on MXLight.exe & select 'Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)'

Before recording, select the directory you want to record to by clicking the button to the right of the directory edit on the record page.  Then save the changes by clicking the 'save current configuration' button located bottom-right.