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introduction to the interface

Basic help is provided for all UI controls in the status bar at the bottom of the interface when the mouse is hovered over them.

This online help provides more in-depth help & usage tips.  It is recommended to have MX Light running while reading the online help.

The interface is divided into 2 sections:

On the right are switches for the main functions.
On the left are the setup pages which define how these main functions work.

On the right - Main functions

  • Switch Recording On/Off
  • Switch Preview On/Off
  • Switch Streaming On/Off
          (left to right)
  • Open playlist in VLC containing all recorded files in current recording directory
  • Save current configuration. nb. any changes made will be temporary unless they are saved using this button
  • Display version & licence information

On the right - Special functions


On the left - Configuration pages

streaming setup page

Provides controls to check the device inputs & setup the hardware encoder.  For detailed help see: Input & Encoding - configuration

streaming setup page

Provides controls to setup VLC media player for live preview & playback of the current recording.  For detailed help see: Preview - VLC installation & options

streaming setup page

Provides controls to setup where & how the hardware AV stream is recorded.  For detailed help see: Recording - setup file output & recording mode

streaming setup page

Provides controls to manage & setup streaming.  For detailed help see: Streaming setup - Configuring realtime streaming

hotkeys setup page

This panel is used to define system wide hotkey functions.  For detailed help see: Hotkeys - setup

general setup page

This panel has miscellaneous configuration options.  For more information see : General - misc options & setup