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Using remote control over IP

MX Light Remote Control over IP interface (RC-IP) provides access to all functions supported by the command line interface & specific commands for querying the current state.


By default the RC-IP interface is not enabled.  To enable the RC-IP interface go to the 'General > UI' page shown below.

general setup page

Now you can select the IP address of one of your network adapters & the Port you want the RC-IP interface to use & the maximum number of client connections that MX Light will allow to the RC-IP  (boxes to the right of the 'Enable RC over IP' check box).

nb. in this example we are using the local host IP address.

Clicking the 'Enable RC over IP' check box will start the RC-IP server & MX Light will begin listening for connections.  All RC-IP activity (connections & commands) are displayed below the 'Enable RC over IP' check box as shown in the image below.

nb. When doing this a Windows firewall notification may appear asking whether to allow connection.  Select Allow / Unblock to continue.

general setup page


You can connect to the RC-IP, with a standard RAW TCP/IP socket connection.

Once a connection is established, commands are sent in plain 8-bit ANSI text with a new line character at the end of each line.  Responses to list commands (see below) are also returned in the same format.

You can utilise & test this interface without any programming required by using an application like PuTTy .  This allows a direct console style connection to be established.

To connect to MX Light on the local machine, setup PuTTy as follows:

general setup page

When 'Open' is clicked a console will be opened which allows sending commands to & receiving responses from MX Light.  The client connection will be shown in the activity window as shown below.

general setup page

A quick usage example : typing the command list=state [ENTER] will query MX Light's current state & return a response such as shown below.

general setup page


The RC-IP interface supports all the commands available in the command line interface.  For a reference please see : CLI - Using the command line interface

The RC-IP interface also supports the following additional commands which can be used to query MX Light's current state:


    This returns the current state as displayed in the Status Display
    window in the GUI


    This returns all the recording / replay cues currently loaded in
    the same format as displayed in the Status Display window.

Usage notes

If you intend to control MX Light across the internet, you need to ensure that port forwarding is configured on your router so that connections to your computer on the RC-IP port (eg. 41120) are accepted.

If 'Enable RC over IP' is checked when the save ('Save current configuration') button is clicked.  This setting is saved into the config, so when MX Light starts the RC-IP server will be started automatically.