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Status display

information & controls



Clicking on the circular switch in the top right will toggle between the status display always being visible or not.

If the status display disappears it can be made visible again, by clicking the 'view stats' button on the main GUI or by the 'View stats' hotkey.

Connection information

'Connected:' Displays whether MX Light is currently connected to the device.  MX Light only connects when it is using the AV stream for previewing, recording or streaming.

On startup this will switch between YES & NO a few times while MX Light tests the connection to the device.

'Int-streaming:' Displays whether MX Light is receiving the AV stream from the device.

Information & controls displayed during recording

Current recording information

  • file currently being recorded to
  • video resolution & frame rate
  • audio sample rate, bit depth & number of channels
  • length (in time) of current recording
  • size of current recording
  • estimated recording time remaining on disk
  • free space remaining on disk being recorded to

Recording cues

While recording, recording cues can be created.  These mark events during a recording and can be used to:
  • define replay start points / segments.
To create a cue, click the '+cue' button in the bottom right, this will display a dialog asking for a cue name.  You can enter a name or just click OK or press Return.  If no name is entered the cue is given a number.

nb. Cues can also be created using the 'Add cue' or 'Add cue (auto)' hotkeys.  The (auto) version creates an automatically named cue & doesn't require any further typing or mouse input.

If Sliced recording mode is not enabled, once a cue is created, the cue list & playback controls will be displayed (as seen above).  To start playback just click on a cue in the list.  For more information on playback setup see : Preview - VLC installation & options .

Playback controls for cues

mode  : (in above example = [>..<])

There are 2 playback modes, which can be selected by left-clicking.

[>..<]   = Play range.  This will play from the selected cue to the start of the next cue.  nb. If there isn't a cue after the selected cue it will continue playing.

[>.. ]
  = Play from.  This will play from the start of the selected cue until the VLC playback instance is closed.

speed : (in above example = [1.00x])

This defines the playback speed.

right-click  = reset to default playback speed set in Preview > replay tab

left-click    = tune playback speed
  + move left / right               = decrease / increase playback speed
  + move left / right + Shift    = fine decrease / increase playback speed

cue list page : (in above example = [P1])

The cue list is divided into pages.  Each page shows a maximum of 10 cues.  To select a page, left-click + move left / right.


Left-click to close the cue list.  This is useful after a recording has finished
& you don't want to perform any cue based playback.

view rec
  left-click        = play recording from start using current playback speed
  rightt-click     = show/hide cues list

nb. When in sliced recording recording mode the video will only playback to the last slice that started recording before 'view rec' was clicked.

Information & controls displayed during streaming

When streaming is active (eg. STREAMING: YES), the streaming time will be displayed below.  If the streaming preset uses the internal TCP relay, the amount of data streamed will also be shown.

show / hide consoles
Left clicking will show or hide any streaming consoles, that are currently visible.

Consoles = the panels that are displayed below the main GUI during streaming.  nb. These consoles can be expanded / collapsed by double clicking on them.